The government would accept an application in order to prevent hunters from killing you.

To prevent accidents involving cyclists and walkers, the government would rather create an application called Meerkat where hunters could report their position than ban hunting in France on Sundays. A government application to prevent being shot by French hunters? // Source: Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash ” You see, the bad hunter sees something moving and … Read more

MoneyWell launches with subscription and iCloud-based sync

MoneyWell was once a great app for managing your finances and keeping track of your accounts on the Mac. However, it was abandoned for many years. It’s making a comeback on Mac App Store. The major update shifts into a whole new realm: data synchronization has returned on an iCloud-based basis, and, most importantly for … Read more

How to properly care for your pets

Pets are loving and affectionate creatures that bring joy, comfort, and companionship to many homes. Although cats and dogs are the most popular pets, there are many other pets loved and cherished equally by their owners. Pets bring many benefits to human lives, but they also need care. The primary caregivers for pets are their … Read more

France Identity app trial on iOS in alpha: an à la carte entry

The France Identité application will soon make its first steps on iOS. Before the beta is launched in the next few day, which will be accessible to 2,500 testers within the next few days, we were able test an alpha version reserved to a smaller audience. France Identité is the new government application that will … Read more

Le Géant de fer (1999)

The Iron Giant • Film de Brad Bird • • • • Musique originale composée par Michael Kamen Michael Kamen signe la musique du film d’animation de Brad Bird bien avant que ce dernier fasse appel à Michael Giacchino chez Pixar. (© Texte : Cinezik) • Réédition • Varèse Sarabande (11 mars 2022) Acheter sur … Read more

VIDEO. United States: He steals a car from the police, is chased by officers and almost gets run over by a train.

A scene worthy for an action movie. Theft, helicopter chase, and rescue in extremeis. Atlanta (USA) police released incredible videos that were filmed during an unusual intervention on January 28th. It all began with a traffic stop made by a patrol officer. The officer got out his vehicle and calmly ticketed a motorist. But then … Read more

Adopt animals of the month

At Noah’s Ark March 2023 Till – Cat of the Month March 2023 Till is a 10-month-old male. He is playful, curious and loves to be surrounded by people. He is naturally shy and not comfortable enough to be petted. He will need patience to gain confidence.Come and meet him at the Arche de Noé, … Read more

The top 15 most memorable snake movies ever made.

Top 15 snake movies you should watch Since long, snakes have been a favorite subject in movies. They can elicit feelings from terror to intrigue and excitement. The appeal of snake movies continues to be appealing to audiences of all ages. These movies feature terrifying tales of man-eating giant snakes, as well as thrilling adventures … Read more