A fiery trailer for Saint Seiya’s movie

The CZodiac Knights You will be able to see a new live-action version of the film in cinemas, but it doesn’t look particularly famous.

Despite its status of a holy monster of manga culture we can’t say that the Knights of the Zodiac has lived many famous hours lately. The days of the original cult series are numbered between the 2014 animated film and the 2019 Netflix reboot animated series. Saint Seiya, like the live-action manga adaptions that are flourishing all over the globe, has not escaped the inevitable reboot.

There will be no respite for Knights, who will have the right of a new film, the first one in live action (if we exclude strange series not released in the 1990s). Title Saint Seiya: The Beginning (soberly) Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac It will be directed by Tomek Baginski from Poland, who is closely associated with the universe of The Witcher until now. What is striking about the film is its bizarre casting with Sean Bean and Famke Januaryssen, who will play respectively Marine and Alman Kido. The teasers were unveiled in late November 2022. Here’s the first trailer. It doesn’t smell very nice.

Let’s begin with the good points. This new movie seems more or less to respect elements of the mangaThe protection of Athena, the young Athena, and the training of Seiya in order to become the Knights of Pegasus. The rest of the film, however, seems to be a bit lost due to the director’s rather large budget (60 million dollars). Some special effects are simply too bad. The comparison to a big failure, adapted from manga, is the infamous Dragonball EvolutionThis is not an inappropriate situation.

We won’t even mention it Presence of a mysterious military force This is not to reassure, as in the Netflix series. However, it is possible that the final result will be surprisingly positive. Even though it seems unlikely, the presence Famke Janssen and Sean Bean is quite amusing and makes us curious.

Having a headache : photo illustration

They will be accompanied Mackenyu Arata (Pacific Rim: UprisingSeiya) as Seiya, Madison Iseman as Diego Tinoco. Planned for the The first part of a series that includes six parts (! Feature films Sony Pictures and Toei, both co-produced the film. The film should be available in France on May 24, 2023. We don’t know if we are anxious or afraid.

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