Aegean Airlines offers a 30% discount on travel to Greece with up to 30 percent off

Airlines are competing to attract tourists, as the tourist season kicks off. Aegean Airlines is the market leader in Greece. According to the Guide du Routard, the carrier is offering a 30% off discount on all tickets, including accommodation, until February 2. This offer is only available to travelers flying from France to Greece. The offer is valid from October 1 through 31.

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Aegean Airlines, a company that is present in 11 French cities

The airline is present in 11 French cities: Bordeaux and Brest, Deauville. Lille, Lyon, Marseille. Mulhouse Nantes. Nice, Paris, Toulouse. There are several airports from which you can fly to the most popular islands in Greece, Mykonos, and Corfu. Athens is the best choice if you want to stay in Athens and experience the mythology and history of the city. The airline offered 1 million seats on flights from France and Greece last year. This strong presence in France does not happen by accident. In 2022 the French were the third most-travelled nation to the Hellenic Republic, after the British and Germans.

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Doubling of tourists by 2022

The number of foreign tourists has returned to a significant level since the end of the Covid-19 crisis. According to figures released by the Bank of Greece and reported to 20 Minutes, 2022 saw a more than doubled in visitation compared with 2021. Nearly 20 million people visited the Balkan country. The huge decline in Russian tourists caused by the conflict in Ukraine has had negative effects on the Greek tourist industry, which accounts 25% of the country’s GDP. Inflation is putting strain on European household budgets. Foggy slicks in Greece are being prepared for the new tourism season.

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