MoneyWell launches with subscription and iCloud-based sync

MoneyWell was once a great app for managing your finances and keeping track of your accounts on the Mac. However, it was abandoned for many years. It’s making a comeback on Mac App Store. The major update shifts into a whole new realm: data synchronization has returned on an iCloud-based basis, and, most importantly for … Read more

VIDEO. United States: He steals a car from the police, is chased by officers and almost gets run over by a train.

A scene worthy for an action movie. Theft, helicopter chase, and rescue in extremeis. Atlanta (USA) police released incredible videos that were filmed during an unusual intervention on January 28th. It all began with a traffic stop made by a patrol officer. The officer got out his vehicle and calmly ticketed a motorist. But then … Read more

United States: Congress will hear TikTok’s boss March

On March 23, TikTok’s CEO will testify to Congress about the effects of the application on children, and the relationship of the platform and the Chinese Communist Party. This is the first time that the CEO has been heard. “Americans have a legal right to know the impact these actions have upon their privacy,” said … Read more

France has seen a 20% increase in the cost of airline tickets between 2022-2022.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s first price index for 2023, flights to overseas countries are particularly hard hit by an increase of over 30%. Medium-haul flights also suffer from this increase. By Jean-Marc De Jaeger Published on 30/01/2023, 13:09Updated 30/01/2023, 18:59 This content is not accessible. The DGAC observes that medium-haul flights are dominated … Read more

Students: How to Save Money?

A monthly budget that is not exceeded After determining the balance between your global and personal incomes, you can create a monthly budget that you will not exceed. This budget must include your most important expenses, such as rent, utilities, food, and so on.Not only must it cover your most important expenses (rent, utilities, food, … Read more

VMware to grow by 4% in 2023 and is ‘eager’ for a merger with Broadcom

Vmware released its fourth quarter and fiscal 2023 financial results while it waited for Broadcom’s approval to take over the Broadcom $61.2 billion business. Nearly 18 years after the Dell split, a deteriorating business environment and fears about mergers have hampered its growth. Fiscal year 2023 revenues were $13.35 Billion, an increase of 4% over … Read more