Le Géant de fer (1999)

The Iron Giant • Film de Brad Bird • • • • Musique originale composée par Michael Kamen Michael Kamen signe la musique du film d’animation de Brad Bird bien avant que ce dernier fasse appel à Michael Giacchino chez Pixar. (© Texte : Cinezik) • Réédition • Varèse Sarabande (11 mars 2022) Acheter sur … Read more

The top 15 most memorable snake movies ever made.

Top 15 snake movies you should watch Since long, snakes have been a favorite subject in movies. They can elicit feelings from terror to intrigue and excitement. The appeal of snake movies continues to be appealing to audiences of all ages. These movies feature terrifying tales of man-eating giant snakes, as well as thrilling adventures … Read more