How to properly care for your pets

Pets are loving and affectionate creatures that bring joy, comfort, and companionship to many homes. Although cats and dogs are the most popular pets, there are many other pets loved and cherished equally by their owners. Pets bring many benefits to human lives, but they also need care. The primary caregivers for pets are their … Read more

Adopt animals of the month

At Noah’s Ark March 2023 Till – Cat of the Month March 2023 Till is a 10-month-old male. He is playful, curious and loves to be surrounded by people. He is naturally shy and not comfortable enough to be petted. He will need patience to gain confidence.Come and meet him at the Arche de Noé, … Read more

Édouard, 17 years old, became a crochet star on TikTok

Two years and the realization of several hundreds of stuffed animals were enough for Édouard Bernard to become an essential figure in the crochet world. With his almond-shaped eyes and his 865,000 subscribers on TikTok, the 17-year-old from Dauphiné feeds his subscribers daily with mini-videos where he presents his new creations. The young man renamed … Read more

Review Vol.2: The Art of Shintaro Kago Collector – Manga

Huber Publishing made it clear that they wanted to continue exploring the bibliography of Shintaro Kago, an eroguro master. They also published a first book in February 2022. These ambitions began to manifest at the end of last year with the launch on ulule a new participatory finance around two works by the artist. The … Read more

The mystery surrounding the incredible fertility of female naked mole rats has been solved

The female naked mole rats are well-known for their ability to defy cancer and ageing. They also display surprising fertility, which is unusual for a mammal. It doesn’t seem to decline over time. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) believe they have solved the mystery of this ability. They published their findings in the … Read more

Scientific discovery: It is possible to increase the number of neurons.

– It is possible to increase the number neurons Biologists have successfully reactivated dormant cells from mice. This is a promising treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. Published: 01.03.2023, 20h05 Biologists have succeeded at increasing the number and quality of neurons in the brains aged and adult mice. LAURENT GUIRAUD A scientific discovery made in Switzerland’s French-speaking … Read more

Canada is a magnet for Haitians, Venezuelans and Colombians at the end of their exile

AFP, Published Friday, 10 March 2023 at 09:46 Although it’s only a small section of snowy road, it’s the end of a long journey in exile. Some people carry heavy suitcases while others carry only small plastic bags, vestiges from their past lives. In a rush to finish, Haitians and Venezuelans, Colombians, and Turks rush … Read more