How can I make my dog receive a homeopathic remedy?

Dog owners are turning to homeopathy to help their pets. Dogs may have difficulty swallowing medication. Dogs can have difficulty swallowing liquids or pills, especially if they aren’t used to it. This article will provide some tips to help you make homeopathic treatment easier. Easy for your dog. How to get your dog to use … Read more

Limited traffic zone, vegetation, pedestrian areas… what the ecologists are going to put in place on the Presqu’île this summer

The mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet and the president of the Metropolis Bruno Bernard were gathered this Friday to announce the main lines of their project of a “Presqu’île à vivre”. It is with the aim of always giving more space to pedestrians and always less to vehicles with combustion engines, that this project aims … Read more

The aeronautical secrets to dragonflies

The male of Neurothemis It displays a stunning wine color on its wings, which are underlined with a carmine rouge. Its wings curve downward, something that isn’t common in dragonflies. This makes it look like a red-petaled plant with dangling blossoms. Because they perch on plants such as rushes and/or water grasses, predators (such as … Read more

“This pressure in the direction of resonance” (Acta fabula) / (Acta fabula)

1Pright here to understand the work of Jean-Christophe Bailly? Which keys to suggest, with out nevertheless immobilizing it in a grid of studying, to open embrasures there? Such is the problem taken up by the contributors of the final particular variety of the evaluation Critique revealed at first of the yr 2022, entitled Jean-Christophe Bailly: … Read more

Secret passage found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

– gravicam / Scientists from the ScanPyramids Project were able to map a hidden passageway within Cheops pyramid, which was built more than 4,500 years ago. This was the first time that this information has been available. The pyramid of Cheops continues its revelations Built around 2560 B.C. The pharaoh Khufu ruled over the … Read more

Victor Rault, a young Frenchman embarking on an expedition following Darwin’s footsteps, has made discoveries

Land in sight! We finally saw Recife in northeast Brazil, the capital of Pernambuco state, after 18 days at sea starting from Mindelo, Cape Verde. It is a big word. To guess is better. Because of the white halos that form on the tens of kilometres of coastline, we can’t distinguish the forest of… skyscrapers. … Read more

False guide and client were arrested for international poaching

Social media is a well-known and sometimes very publicized form of communication. Two Wisconsin men were convicted for illegally guiding and poaching across Canada’s border. Their Facebook posts were partly responsible for their arrest. U.S. attorney Gregory J. Haanstad of Eastern District of Wisconsin announced that two men from Milwaukee pleaded guilty to violating Lacey … Read more

Night of the Owl at Sucy-en-Brie

After four years of absence, the Night of the Owl returns the Fort to its original home! Organized in partnership with Nature et Société, come and discover the nocturnal world of the forest. All afternoon at 14:00In the courtyard of the Fort, associations invite you to discover different activities such as unusual microscopy, full of … Read more