The government would accept an application in order to prevent hunters from killing you.

To prevent accidents involving cyclists and walkers, the government would rather create an application called Meerkat where hunters could report their position than ban hunting in France on Sundays. A government application to prevent being shot by French hunters? // Source: Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash ” You see, the bad hunter sees something moving and … Read more

France Identity app trial on iOS in alpha: an à la carte entry

The France Identité application will soon make its first steps on iOS. Before the beta is launched in the next few day, which will be accessible to 2,500 testers within the next few days, we were able test an alpha version reserved to a smaller audience. France Identité is the new government application that will … Read more

▷ Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software

These are some cool options for optimizing your images. Are you looking for free alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop or Canva? It’s a good idea! Free photo editing software GIMP: The powerful GIMP is the best free photo editing software. It would be impossible to talk about photo tools without starting with it. It has been … Read more

Xbox One| Xbox One

The start of the year means CES, which means a lot more high-tech products. Many manufacturers have been showing off their latest TVs, peripherals, or other controllers since the start of the week. Today, the Dutch giant Philips presents a Philips Hue app in partnership with Signify. A $129.99 app to sync lights to your … Read more

The 7 best backup software for free in 2023

Data loss is a major problem for every computer scientist. This problem also affects ordinary users. You store digital files such as photos, videos and music on your personal computer, just like many others. Some people backup their files manually by copying them to a storage media device to avoid data loss. There are however … Read more