How to save your iPhone’s battery?

Warial – Journalist Passionate about all things tech Apple only makes high-end smartphones. A modern iPhone can hold a charge very well. But, it is not unusual for iOS users to have battery problems. You can go below the 20% mark for natural wear and tear, heavy use, or simply forgetting to charge the charger. … Read more

Setapp makes it easy to be productive, MasterClass makes it easy to be proactive, and 1Password keeps you safe! 📍

Setapp, the app subscription platform for macOS, iOS and iOS by MacPaw, announces an exclusive partnership with 1Password password manager and streaming educational service MasterClass. A number of the world’s most respected companies in macOS software development, human centered security, and online education have joined forces to provide Mac users with the ability to work … Read more can be downloaded for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android. makes it easy to manage your freelance business. It’s a real management tool and offers an invoice management system specifically designed for self-employed contractors. It was created by Antoine Legendre in 2018. It allows freelancers to do their accounting on their own, optimize their management processes, and provide better customer service. SaaS software. It … Read more

5 tips to force a Windows program to close.

Learn how to close an app that is stuck or not responding to Windows. Share this article Estelle Raffin / Published on January 18, 2023, 11:21 AM The Windows task manager is a powerful tool for closing down blocked software. wachiwit – You may have experienced the moment when your … Read more

Which smartphone should I buy refurbished in 2023

→ Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the most innovative refurbished smartphone iPhone 11, the most performant refurbished smartphone iPhone 11, the most performant refurbished smartphone – Back Market The refurbished iPhone 11 offers a high-quality phone at a lower price than new phones. This model features a large 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HDLC Multi-Touch LCD Multi-Touch display … Read more

ChatGPT on your iPhone: How do you talk to it?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that OpenAI has created that can communicate with you. ChatGPT is a website that allows you to ask ChatGPT for content, ideas, answers, and even cheating on your homework. ChatGPT is a type of Jarvis (you remember the AI of Ironman?) currently in the development phase. This artificial intelligence is … Read more

How do I install an app from an APK file on Amazon Fire TV

Do you feel that the Appstore for your Amazon Fire TV device does not have enough applications? Don’t worry, the official Amazon store for Fire TV devices doesn’t offer all the applications you need. Amazon’s operating systems Fire OS and Fire OS are embedded on Amazon’s devices. Fork Android. Fire OS is, in a nutshell, … Read more