Siri, Alexa, Cortana – Voice assistants are no longer an unattainable dream, according to ChatGPT

ChatGPT-type chat models have demonstrated the inability to recognize the intelligence of voice assistants. Although they were sold in 2010, they are still far from being perfected 10 years later. An article by Financial Times We take stock of the major names in the field and note the decline in enthusiasm. Amazon Echo Spot. Amazon’s … Read more

“We must offer young people alternatives to adapting to technological acceleration” Le Comptoir

Renaud Garcia, a doctor of philosophy and teacher in Marseille’s northern districts, is also heavily involved in the libertarian movement and the technocritical movement. He publishes. “The deconstruction” (La Lenteur), a diary in which he recounts the 2021-2022 school years as a teacher but also as a parent to his two children in elementary school. … Read more

The 6 best all electric racing series

Many consumers are starting to embrace electric vehicles as viable daily vehicles. However, driving an electric car in a motorsports event or watching an all-electric racing series can be difficult. However, electric vehicles offer many advantages over internal combustion engines cars, making them ideal candidates to race in auto racing. There are even fully-electric races, … Read more

Don’t let your iPhone get scratched

Despite the fact that it doesn’t feature the Dynamic Island Apple added on the iPhone 14 Pro the iPhone 14 is still the most popular new phone due to its great price. If you are looking to buy an Apple smartphone, or if your current one is damaged, you can choose from the great options … Read more

ICBC: Using innovation and technology to improve cannabis

Research is one the most promising and exciting areas in the international legal cannabis industry. While cannabis research has been severely hampered for many years by prohibition policies, this has changed in recent decades. While there are still many obstacles to cannabis research, many governments around world are beginning to make it easier. In some … Read more

Tesla releases major beta for autonomous driving in America

Tesla has begun distribution of version 11.3.1 SDF (Full Self DrivingThis is also fully autonomous driving. This beta is limited to a select few testers. The FSD program has been available since November 2013. However, the big changes are being tested in a small number of people first. This beta program was launched by the … Read more

In a time of severe decline, jewelers, leatherworkers, and shoemakers continue to work with passion and self-sacrifice.

Tahoua’s craft center (CAT) is a place where men, women, and youth make the craft their livelihood. Jewelers, leatherworkers, and shoemakers continue to make, despite the lack of customers, necklaces in gold, bronze, silver, or bronze, bags wallets, carpets belts shoes, leather, and belts. The gallery is full with art objects in every compartment, but … Read more