France has seen a 20% increase in the cost of airline tickets between 2022-2022.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s first price index for 2023, flights to overseas countries are particularly hard hit by an increase of over 30%. Medium-haul flights also suffer from this increase.

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The DGAC observes that medium-haul flights are dominated by low-cost airlines. <span class="a-mp_c">Daniel SLIM / AFP</span>

If you’ve booked a flight within the last few months, you probably noticed that the cost of airline tickets has increased sharply. It’s not going to stop. The latest air passenger price indicator (IPTAP), produced by the French Civil Aviation Authority (1), confirms a 21.7% rise in the price of flights departing France. This is slightly less (20.6%) when we consider the year on-year change between 2021 and 2022.

However, there are differences depending upon the destination. However, there are differences depending on the destination. The surge is less severe for long-haul routes (10.8%), and affects routes to Asia Pacific and the Middle East more than routes to North America.For all destinations, this is the first time since February 2022 that one cluster shows a decrease of fares compared with the same month last years. Latin America.The report points out that “. However, the report points out that the medium haul network is the one most affected (+24.2%), and is “a”This is mainly due low-cost carriers.“. This will confirm the end of the €10 tickets mentioned this summer by Ryanair’s boss, Michael O’Leary.

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Flights departing from Martinique saw the highest price rise (+58.9%), in December 2022, compared with December 2021. <span class="a-mp_c">IPTAP DGAC, December 20,22 data, No. 123</span>

Martinique and other territories out of bounds are particularly affected.

The strongest increase is in flights departing from overseas countries (Guadeloupe and French Guiana), with an increase (+34.6%) over the previous year. Martinique is most affected (+58.9%). Faced with this situation, Serge Letchimy, President of the Executive Council of the Collectivité territoriale de Martinique (CTM), is calling for a fare shield to ensure that economy class tickets do not exceed the €500 rate. At a hearing held by overseas deputies on December 14, the heads of airlines serving the overseas territories (Air Caraïbes, Corsair, etc.) Two main reasons were cited by the overseas deputies: the rise in fuel prices and the strong appreciation against the euro, which has an impact on maintenance costs.

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Flying today is more expensive overall than it was before the Covid-19 outbreak. “Compared to December 2019, airfares from France to all destinations have increased 26.5 percent.”According to the report, This trend was also observed by flight comparisons. “In September 2022,”The average price for a dry round trip airline ticket increased by 28% over the same period in 2019,“, Frédéric Pilloud, marketing and e-commerce director of MisterFly, recently told Le Figaro.

This phenomenon is due to several factors: the rise of oil prices (30% of the price of a ticket), defection of business classes, which reduces the profitability of flights, and the extension of travel time by one to two hours to/from some Asian destinations due to the ban on Russian overflying. High demand has also taken the airline sector by surprise, as illustrated by the chaos at some European airports due to staff shortages. Another reason is that customers tend to book tickets later than they plan and anticipate more. The price will go up the closer they are to their departure date.

” LIRE AUSSI: Five tips to save money on your plane tickets

Flexibility in your travel dates is key. Prefer mid-week departures. There are several ways to save money on your flight, and avoid paying more. The territorial continuity aid (ACT), which is available to residents of the French Overseas Territories once every three years, is subject to a means check. This is a discount voucher of €270 to €440 valid on a round-trip economy class air ticket from overseas to mainland France.

(1) Methodology: The DGAC IPTAP is based upon airfares collected by more than 400 airlines (origin and destination, carrier) that are operated by more 60 carriers. The Ministry of Ecological Transition website states that all prices are for round-trip travel from France (metropolitan France and French overseas departments) and include all applicable taxes and fees.

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