If you can spot the sneaky leopard in the photo in less than 5 seconds, you are at the top your game

To spot the sneaky leopard in this chilling scene, you must be a good observer. This optical illusion is so difficult to spot, it’s almost impossible for you to miss this huge killer cat. It blends perfectly with the mountains because of its beautiful color.

Max Waugh captured stunning photos of the snow leopard perched on a rock canyon slope in the Altai Mountains, western Mongolia.

You’ll need to be patient if you want to catch a glimpse at the amazing animal in this puzzled photo.

Hidden in the rocky landscape is a sneaky white snow leopard. Will you be able spot it in five seconds?

Mas, a Seattle, USA native, stated that it was difficult to spot these animals. This is a typical habitat for snow leopards.

“Most people mistakenly believe they live in snowy areas all the time. In reality, they are often found more arid areas like the Altai high desert mountains.

“In this environment, their mottled grey and black coats do a remarkable task of camouflaging. These animals are difficult to spot if you don’t know much about the environment or the subject matter.

“Looking for any movement is helpful, but the leopard’s camouflage helps to break down the more familiar animal form.”

The snow leopard, also known by this name, is a carnivorous mammal belonging to the feline species. It lives in the high, rocky, snowy mountains of Central Asia and Siberia.

It is able to live up to 6,000m in altitude due to its unique body. It has thick fur that protects against the cold, and large paws with hair-covered pads that allow it to move freely on icy and snowy terrains.

Internet users have been trying to figure this out, as the fierce cat hides from view.

If you can spot a panther in five seconds or less, then you have a very good view.

We challenge you to spot it. It may prove more difficult than you think.

Optical illusions are a great way for your mind to think strategically. They have become a very popular daily puzzle.

You didn’t find it in your time?

Were you able find it in the time allotted?

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