Macdo – The Big Mac is more expensive in Pau then in Mourenx and Oloron

The editorial staff can advise you

Without drawing any conclusions on the level of purchasing power in our territories, we discover that the Big Mac, on average 5,40 € on the 1 500 McDonald’s restaurants listed by our colleagues, is more expensive in Pau and Lons. 5,50 €.

For a few cents

That’s five cents more than on the Basque coast, where you can find it in Anglet or Bayonne, at 5.45 €. The cheapest burgers in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques can be eaten in Oloron, Mourenx, Orthez or Bénéjacq: 5,35 €.

And if you cross the borders of the department, you can find a Big Mac at 5,20 € in Hagetmau (Landes) and even at 5 € in Ibos (Hautes-Pyrénées).

Prices vary depending on the supply chain, location and competition. Inflation can also affect the Big Mac as well as many other food products.

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