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The start of the year means CES, which means a lot more high-tech products. Many manufacturers have been showing off their latest TVs, peripherals, or other controllers since the start of the week. Today, the Dutch giant Philips presents a Philips Hue app in partnership with Signify. A $129.99 app to sync lights to your … Read more

The mystery surrounding the incredible fertility of female naked mole rats has been solved

The female naked mole rats are well-known for their ability to defy cancer and ageing. They also display surprising fertility, which is unusual for a mammal. It doesn’t seem to decline over time. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh (USA) believe they have solved the mystery of this ability. They published their findings in the … Read more

The 7 best backup software for free in 2023

Data loss is a major problem for every computer scientist. This problem also affects ordinary users. You store digital files such as photos, videos and music on your personal computer, just like many others. Some people backup their files manually by copying them to a storage media device to avoid data loss. There are however … Read more

France has seen a 20% increase in the cost of airline tickets between 2022-2022.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s first price index for 2023, flights to overseas countries are particularly hard hit by an increase of over 30%. Medium-haul flights also suffer from this increase. By Jean-Marc De Jaeger Published on 30/01/2023, 13:09Updated 30/01/2023, 18:59 This content is not accessible. The DGAC observes that medium-haul flights are dominated … Read more

Scientific discovery: It is possible to increase the number of neurons.

– It is possible to increase the number neurons Biologists have successfully reactivated dormant cells from mice. This is a promising treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. Published: 01.03.2023, 20h05 Biologists have succeeded at increasing the number and quality of neurons in the brains aged and adult mice. LAURENT GUIRAUD A scientific discovery made in Switzerland’s French-speaking … Read more