The 6 best iPad Pro2023 apps to increase productivity

You are looking for the top iPad Pro app to improve your productivity? This article will show you the 2023 must-have iPad apps. There are many interesting and free apps for Apple’s iPad, aside from the social network apps I will skip.

An iPad is versatile and can be used for many purposes. The iPad’s touch screen and intuitive apps make it easy to use and provide an intuitive user experience. iPads are great for browsing, reading e-books and watching TV. They can also be used to take notes, create work, and use social media. You can also take your iPad anywhere with you because they are portable.

Ipad Pro: 6 Best iPad Apps for Working Effectively

Many iPad apps can help you work more efficiently.

Why would you want to work with an iPad? Although an iPad is more costly than an Android tablet it will last longer. It’s also a state-of-the-art tablet. My iPad 1 is still with me and it’s still working. My first Android tablet is now gone! Teenagers aren’t left out. With a connected high school, all of them have an IPad. They do even better than I on it.

What are the best free iPad Pro apps for better work

An IPad / iPad Pro has many more options and services than a laptop. The App Store makes it easier to customize your tablet for work or play. But What are the top apps for iPad? This is what we will see together.


iWork is Apple’s suite of office software that includes a word processor (Pages), a spreadsheet(Numbers), and a presentation program (Keynote).

Although this office suite isn’t as comprehensive as Microsoft Office, it’s still free since iPhone 2013. It’s lightweight and recommended to middle and high school students.

The iWork App in detail: This suite includes apps that allow you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your iPad. Pages is a word processor that allows you to create letters, reports, and resumes. Numbers is a spreadsheet program that allows you to create complex spreadsheets and analyze them. Keynote allows you to create professional presentations using text, images, sound and animations. The iWork apps make it easy to create professional documents quickly and easily on your iPad.


Dropbox is the best way to get 2GB free online storage on your tablet. Perfect for sharing documents between colleagues, classmates, and two connected devices at home.

This is a workaround with iCloud Drive

Dropbox in detail This application allows users store, share, and synchronize files in the cloud. It is easy to set up Dropbox and it takes only minutes. Dropbox users can share files or send them to each other via email. You can also upload files to Dropbox from your iPad and sync them with other Dropbox accounts. The app also encrypts all files in the cloud, providing additional security.


This application is an online dictionary. It also includes a therapus as well as the word of the week. A voice aid can help you understand some words better. A voice help is ideal for foreign students who want to learn French.

The iPad Dictionary application in detail This app is free and allows you to search for words and their definitions. It includes a built in dictionary that contains more than 200,000 words as well as their definitions. You can also search for synonyms, antonyms, and usage examples. The iPad Dictionary app lets you search for information about the origins, history, and pronunciation of words. You can also save your searches to make it easier for future reference.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is often mentioned in Adobe commercials as the best application for editing images and photos. It is easy to use, has advanced settings, and it is completely free!

It is unlike other image processing software, and it supports layers and object masks just like professional Photoshop.

More information on Photoshop Express: The application has simple and intuitive tools that allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color, cropping, and rotation options. You can also apply artistic effects such as blur effects and vintage filters to your photos. The app also has a sharing function that allows users to share photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


This application allows you make copies of all your documents (courses and administrative papers, receipts or invoices, …).). This is all thanks to your iPad’s camera!

More information about Scanner : This Apple app can be used for scanning paper documents, photos, ID cards, and other items. The application supports color and black-and-white scanning. You can also edit the scanned documents before saving them. Files can be saved as PDF or JPG and shared via email or Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage. AirPrint is compatible and the app can print directly from an iPad.

Pomodoro Daily

It is an excellent tool to help you manage your time. It’s based on the Pomodoro technique (as explained here). It is great for optimizing productivity.

More details at Pomodoro Daily The app allows you set daily and weekly goals and tracks them. You can also add tasks to the app and project ideas. The app includes a Pomodoro Timer that reminds users when it’s time for them to start or complete a task. The app also has a rewards system that allows users to earn points for each task they complete.

Other questions…

What iPad app can you recommend to improve efficiency?

Here are some hot apps right now if you are looking to get paid for your iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple Watch, or MacOS.

  • Fantastical (Management of tasks, events, calendars, …)
  • iA Writer (Multifunctional text editor).
  • Spark Mail (smart, professional email client, great alternative to Apple Mail)
  • PDF Expert (Very good PDF editing software).
  • Astropad (Transforms an Apple iPad into a graph tablet just like a real one).

What are Apple’s most recommended apps?

These apps are great for teens or more common uses. These apps are often installed or suggested by the iPad’s manufacturer when you first get it.

  • Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office suite)
  • DuckDuckGo (A secure browser is optimized to iPad)
  • iMovie (video editor)
  • Nebo (Best handwriting recognition app)

There are many more great apps for Apple tablets. Feel free to share them in the comments.

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