VIDEO. United States: He steals a car from the police, is chased by officers and almost gets run over by a train.

A scene worthy for an action movie. Theft, helicopter chase, and rescue in extremeis. Atlanta (USA) police released incredible videos that were filmed during an unusual intervention on January 28th. It all began with a traffic stop made by a patrol officer. The officer got out his vehicle and calmly ticketed a motorist. But then he saw another man get in his patrol car and speed off.

A chase can start on the road or in the air. A helicopter crew locates the escapee and films the entire operation. After many hours of tracking, the thief finally loses control of his car and abandons the race on the tracks of the city.

But a freight train is coming. A number of police officers arrive on the spot and pull the suspect free just seconds before the train strikes the vehicle. The suspect, identified by the Atlanta Police Department, Mickal Parker was uninjured. He was taken to Fulton County Jail and will await trial for robbery.

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